Wrist Watch : A Symbol of Grace For Men

A wrist watch for both men and women is a statement, it’s a stylish accessory that can compliment what you wear and your lifestyle.

Wrist watches come in a range of designs with various features. They are even considering rolling out an iPod wrist watch, you never know what the next design will bring. The prices vary dramatically depending on the functionality and brand name, often you pay more just for the name and can find a more affordable option elsewhere. The internet will give you a host of wrist watches to choose from, one’s you don’t need to take a cash advance to purchase and that can be worn at any time even when going on an African Safari.

Brand Names

For many men the symbol of grace that a wrist watch offers depends on the brand name. The younger generations are obsessed with brand names from the jeans they wear to their wrist watch. The most popular brand that everyone knows is Rolex. These are overly priced, high quality wrist watches that are a symbol of wealth for many men.

There are affordable options such as Citizen, Seiko and other brands which can look as good as Rolex, except they don’t come with the stigma that comes with a Rolex watch. If you were given loose diamonds when you bought a Rolex, it may be worth it when explaining the expense to your wife, but in the majority of cases a man can still enjoy making a great statement with a host of other brand names.


The best wrist watch is the one that compliments your personality, a plumber wrexham will benefit from a chunky and waterproof watch that can be tested to the extreme, a man who loves the outdoors will also benefit from a waterproof time piece where he can use it for both work and play.

For those with an office job who do not partake in outdoor activities a smart gold banded time piece can offer the grace you are looking for.


With so many different wrist watch styles to choose from you need to find the time piece that is a symbol of grace for you. You can search online, the same as you would if you were searching for tom hill or Fender Telecaster.

Stylish designs that are perfect for office work, chunky designs for the outdoor adventurer to the waterproof options to the water sport enthusiasts, these are just some of the styles you can choose from when searching for the perfect wrist watch.

The Statement

The main reason many men choose a particular wrist watch is to make a statement. This may be a statement about their personality or their accomplishments, their wealth. Every man enjoys different wrist watch designs and considers their watch a statement for their own reasons. A man wearing a Rolex may think his wrist watch is a statement of his success while a man wearing a Seiko waterproof wrist watch may think his wrist watch tells a person more about his personality and his enjoyment of the outdoors.