Watchsmiths – A Dying Industry?

Watch smiths are amongst those talented people who are able to design and repair remarkable gadgets on their own. An online MBA degree or a master of accountancy is not looked for in this job but persistence and tenacity is surely required. The sad part of the story is that technology is booming in today’s era and the watchmaker industry is dying.

Industrialization has caused almost all of today’s watches to be made in factories where mass production has exponentially brought down prices. A major downside of mechanization is that all the watches manufactured by a particular machine are identical while every watch made by a watch smith is unique. This uniqueness gives a sense of distinctiveness to the buyer. These days watchmakers usually set up their own repair shops, as the market for their hand made watches has steadily declined. A master of library science can accurately tell the history of these craftsmen.

An interesting fact about watch smiths is that many rich people prefer handmade watches and order large companies, like Rolex and Tag Heuer, to make discrete watches for them. Factually, England has been amongst those few countries which have had degrees focusing on watch making, throughout its history. Nowadays, online finance degree programs and online MSW programs are commonly available and opted for but watchmaking programs are rarely selected. Indeed, if it had not been for these craftsmen, rare and old watches would have been lost long ago. It has always been these people who have repaired and cherished old jewels. It is truly very hard to imagine the patience and fortitude which is required to assemble a tiny gadget by hand.

A savior of the dying watch smith industry is the jewelry industry. Large jewelry stores usually make their own gold watches and are in need of a skilled craftsman. Skilled computer specialists who cannot find IT jobs can also apply for such positions. The job includes designing exclusive designs and implementing them in such a way that customer satisfaction results. Large Swiss companies such as Rolex do not disclose their designs and watch parts to common watchmakers and hence common watch makers are compelled either to join these large companies or to work under them. If they choose to work under them they will have to fulfill some stringent conditions which may include getting certified from an accredited watchmaking school.

Increasing electricity rates and financial losses have led many people to calculate their payment protective insurance using a PPI calculator. In these firm times it seems that watch smiths have a rare chance of surviving. Our world has moved itself to mechanization and, other than a few rich people; no one really cares for handmade watches.