Top 5 Wrist Watch Companies

When it comes to wrist watches there are a number of known names that stand out from the crowd. These names have become household names due to their popularity. The popularity may be due to their excellent production of time pieces, their affordability, versatility or the fact that they are a status symbol for many of people.


Swatch is made by a Swiss watch company and they really hit the market from 1983 with an affordable plastic watch that was welcomed and embraced around the world. Whether you were enjoying south africa travel or just looking for a new service, the Swatch brand is the choice everyone seemed to go for.

This is a unique watch brand with a wide selection of fantastic wrist watches available. They are versatile time pieces which can be worn whether you are heading to the office or a formal dinner party. These are watches that even had top artists design some of the wrist bands.


Casio has been a household name for many years due to their fantastic and unique timepieces. The company works to help build a sustainable environment with their Casio Environmental Vision.

The new tough solar technology is a step in green wrist watches where a small solar panel in the watch is used to power a rechargeable battery. This company seems to keep exploring new avenues in the market, which makes them the second favored wrist watch company in the world today.


Seiko is a Japanese wrist watch company that has been making designer timepieces since 1881. This company is also dedicated to the environment and they use quartz and mechanical technology in their wrist watches.

There is one thing you are guaranteed when you buy a Seiko wrist watch and that is that it will be shock resistant and water resistant. This company is still the leader when it comes to divers watches for both men and women and their stunning designs keep them as one of the top contenders when it comes to wrist watches.

Whether you are doing some italian cooking, hiking in the hills or diving to the depths of the ocean, you can do anything with a Seiko wrist watch on your arm.


Citizen has been designing and making wrist watches for the past ninety three years and they are considered the largest wrist watch maker in the world today. They are geared towards ecologically friendly timekeeping with their new Eco drive collection.

Whether you are looking for a sports watch, a dress watch or just an everyday watch, Citizen has the collection for you. They were the first wrist watch company to make a voice recognition watch, they also produced the thinnest LCD watch. So if you ever have an opportunity to see them make these watches online, click the watch now button and be amazed.


We all know the name Rolex and if you are lucky enough to be able to afford one of these status symbols, there is only one thing to say and that is to go for it. These are luxury wrist watches that are considered the watch to own when you are playing with the rich and famous.

Rolex manufacturers around two thousands of watches every single day and they were also the first company to produce a waterproof watch back in 1926.