Top 5 Watches for Collectors

„Time is money” is a phrase dating back more than two centuries, but ever present. 18 carat pure gold, diamonds of different sizes, shapes and colors, features tens of hundreds of components, thousands of research hours and millions of dollars. This is how you would describe the top 5 watches for collectors.

French journalist Gregory Pond, ​​recently made a top of the most  „must have” and most popular brands of watches in the world, which was taken and presented in several international publications. In the realization of the rank, Gregory Pond, one of the most competent journalists in this field, took into account the current trend to estimate the price and brand value of the top 5 collectors items. The criterias considered were: the network distribution, development potential, creativity, team, the efficient management emplyed and target groups.

The first position is held by Rolex, which is not a surprise, it is also the only watchmaker brand that appears in the top 100 famous brands in the world, followed by Cartier, ranked second and Patek Philippe to sign the podium, in third place. The forth place is occupied by TAG Heuer (LVMH), which is a Swiss luxury watchmaker, but most importantly, for all that you didn’t know, it is a branch of the well known luxury company Louis Vuitton. And finally, in the fifth place we have Omega (Swatch Group), which is one of the most well known watch manufacturer company, after Rolex, of course.
The first position is held by Rolex with the Hans Wilsdorf’s fund model, a watch that celebrates Rolex’s entrepreneur and innovator. Hans Wilsdorf prized the Rolex watch for its accuracy, its elegance, and its potential to add value to its owner’s life and goals. This watch is worth 5.3976 million dollars.

In the second position, as I said, comes Cartier, with a watch somehow different from all others, but nevertheless a watch. Cartier is owned by a company producing jewelry and luxury watches in Switzerland, named Richemont. The piece of art costs about 2.7491 million dollars.

It is no surprise that Patek Philippe is in third place, being one of the upcoming companies. This company is one of few privately owned companies and has been in the Stern’s family since 1932. This watch is brilliant and it costs aroud 1.6635 million dollars.

The forth place is occupied by TAG Heuer (LVMH), which is also a Swiss luxury watchmaker known for its sports watches and chronographs. It is a division of the luxury goods company LVMH Moët Hennessy, Louis Vuitton. The company motto is “Swiss Avant-Garde Since 1860”. In addition to watches, TAG Heuer produces glasses and cell phones. But do not be fooled by this fact because their watch costs 1.6442 million dollars.

And last but not least, the Omega (Swatch Group), which came up with a couple of collector’s items aver the years, but they said that this is the best one yet. Omega know by being the company that gave the Apollo astronauts watches that worked on the moon. So, this watch costs 1.6111 million dollars.

In the end these are the top 5 watches for collectors in 2011, these are the companies that produces them, and surely should not be missing from your collection.