Is Watchsmithing a Dying Industry?

When you walk into a shop and look at watches available to buy, seldom do you take how they were made, what makes them tick and how the mechanisms work to ensure that your watch works for years to come.

Buyers rather look at the beauty of the watch or whether it comes from a name they know such as Rolex or Seiko. But the mechanics behind a watch isn’t managed by watch smiths anymore; this is done in factories with machines making these time pieces for you.

Watch smiths didn’t need an information technology degree nor did they need online master degree programs, but maybe these are courses they should consider moving forward as computers and hi-tech machines take over their dying art.

Most watch smiths now have their own small watch repair shops or stalls at markets offering watch repairs because there is no demand for the uniqueness you get from their hand crafts watches anymore.

If you learn more about their industry you will see that the watches made by these craftsmen are still appealing to some buyers who are looking for something distinctive, something unique and a one of a kind item that they wouldn’t find if they were to view site for watches.

But what are these professionals meant to do as more and more watches are churned out in factories? There is one thing for sure and that is you cannot beat the mechanical quality if you buy directly from a watch smith, the factories are churning watches out at such a high volume that there is no way, even with the highest quality control that they can match the care that is taken into making a watch when made by a professional watch smith.

If you think about it it’s similar to buying top wrinkle creams, if you don’t buy the best on the market, one that has been specially formulated to reduce the appearance of wrinkles you are not going to get the results you were hoping for. The same applies to the watches you buy, if you visit website, find watch and buy there is no way you know until it arrives at your front door that this is the right watch for you and is made to the highest standard.

There is still a small demand for unique watches designed and make by watch smiths, the same as there is a demand for Labrador Retrievers when families look for a family dog. This demand is far and few between when they are competing against big name watch companies such as Tag Heuer and others, but they are there. This is why these watch smiths have to rely on repairs, because there are always repairs to be done.

These watch smiths stand a better chance finding jobs within the larger companies where they can carry out repairs on specific watch brands, this way they are guaranteed a steady income from their professional. All you need to do is read full report on the demand for watch smiths and you can see that this really is a dying industry.