Hey folks I’m writing here to tell you about my last purchase in an online-store. Not so long ago I came upon some scammers which sent me some fake Chinese watch. I was really angry because the watch cost a good deal of money. But what to do? I put the law on these phonies, hired a lawyer and now I’m waiting for a court decision. This thing absolutely finished me off and I was kinda broken after.

But still I needed a good timepiece and I decided to choose some other online-store, but this time already with reviews on it. I looked a few sites over and my attention turned on a story of some girl which ordered Rolex watch as a present for her father. And she did it over Internet. She was telling in her message that everything was ok and I also decided to get myself a new watch if I could find something suitable. I’m a picky type in such things and it is really hard to please me with something. But of course if the will be really a good one I will certainly appreciate it.

I opened the website and started looking for a right timepiece for my liking. And surprisingly I found Panerai Luminor GMT 270 which was really good (look at the picture below.)


By its looking it resembled me the timepiece I saw once on the wrist of my business partner from Japan and I decided to buy them. I dreamed for this model already for a long time. Found an e-mail address at the website and sent a query to find out about the watch. In three hours I received an answer and they said that the model was in stock. It cheered me up and I paid for the watch right away. Though I was hazy about it since I didn’t want to make the same mistake over but the girl’s review and businesslike attitude of the store convinced me. And also my feelings were telling me that everything is alright with that company and there won’t be any problems at all.

In two days I got my watch by messenger delivery which brought me mine watch and wall all nice. I got the scissors, unfolded the package and found my timepiece lying there safely. It was looking better than on a photo. The band is made of genuine leather, paint is keeping on its surface so tight that I bet you can’t scrub it off by any means, and also the band is stitched very firmly. Overall, there weren’t any problems. The timepiece was looking as if it was made 5 minutes ago. It’s really great!

I put it on pretty quick and shot the whole thing as you can see below.

So, finally I’ve come across a place where I can not only find good things for me but also get a delivery safely and in no time. Thanks to all people and managers working in this company. You’re doing your job really good!

I recommend this website to anyone who wants to buy himself new watch. You better not to risk and use the services of some phony stores. It is really better check the thing for just one time then hear it for one hundred times!