Who represents the true spirit of Rolex more than the legendary Clint Eastwood?

The prominent actor and director of many movies Clint Eastwood proudly presents the spirit of manful Rolex watches in himself. Being aged 78, he is getting lots of awards and prizes for his action in and the direction of the movie Gran Torino. And though Eastwood is known only as a famous actor, he is actually filmed more movies than all the renowned Hollywood’s directors altogether. In the beginning of 2009 Eastwood directed one more movie, where Angelina Jolie starred. During the period of his longstanding activity, Clint had Rolex watch put on him in some of his movies.

Two years ago Jacques Chirac, President of France, decorated Eastwood with a medal Legion of Honor, which is a scarce thing to award to an American citizen. And Eastwood’s talent was acknowledged around the Earth and he started to grow and to develop his skills in directing and action. In Gran Torino, movie which he directed and starred in, he plays very tough guy and in addition a conceived conservator. “I really can’t put it straight for me what role I need to play and what role I can play best”, said Eastwood with a voice which was more like a whisper. “The scenario had really interested me with all these Hmong culture thing mixed in it. It was so new to me, and the gist and the message of the movie are quite serious and it is never too late to play in and deep into such a role.” As for Rolex, Clint Eastwood has not only got the feel of venturing and manliness but taught himself to be kind and to help others. And these are not the only merits to Rolex watch as Clint Eastwood.

In the movie Clint Eastwood was working with lots of inexperienced actors like Vang Ahney who was born in the USA but his parents were actually of Hmong origin. “They were really pretty kids and really grown-up in a way”, said Eastwood. “All these young Hmongs, though they were born here, in the USA, they know their mother tongue and they are accustomed to all of their folk habits. And respect for adult people is one of them.” Being 78 years old, Clint Eastwood demonstrates great liveliness, he is mixed in all sorts of activities and what is more important he keeps growing as an actor and director. And a great one I admit. If we had a chance to select the timepiece which would be most appropriate for Clint Eastwood and his style, I think it would be a stainless steel Rolex Datejust with a dial of black color and waved surface trimmings. With a mixture of exquisiteness and rigidity it would fit the character and style of such a prominent actor and just a good person.