Ulysse Nardin unveiled its new child, Monaco YS limited edition

It has been not so long since Swiss watch manufacturer company Ulysse Nardin released its new timepiece, Maxi Marine watch — Monaco YS. The name of watch rises from a city situated on seashore of the Mediterranean Sea. And along with adding a new sample of a watch to its new collection, the company decided to give a proper respect to its history which from the very outset was related to nautical affairs. Even more, this publishing of a new collection connected with the brand participation in Monaco Yacht Show 2009, which is considered to be one of most famous and upscale shows around the world.

The official reports say that Monaco YS timepiece will be sold in a black DLC (diamond-like-carbon) with strengthened stainless steel case. Using the unique technology, Monaco YS will get a scrub-resistant body. The dial of black color is garnished with dark grey and the surface is trimmed with wave-like paintings. Both minute and hour hands are luminescent and glow in the dark. This will make time reading in light reduced conditions.

The power margin indicator resides at 12 o’clock. The watch power capacity is 42 hours at most. Display with second hand and date is at 6 o’clock. Luminescent material is placed on all the hour marks as well as on minute and hour hands. Since the brand is engaged in marine affairs, it couldn’t make a timepiece with a dull water resistance. So, the water resistance limitations for this watch are 200 meters (~650 feet.)

Through the back of the case you can behold elaborated winding rotor and movement.

The Monaco YS is released in a limited edition with 100 copies.