Perellet: A man who changed the history of watchmaking

If we will take the 20 Swiss francs bill, we will see some old man pictured on it. His name is Abraham-Louis Perrelet, and in such a way Swiss government decided to do justice to a person whose achievements became crucial in watchmaking history and horology.

But why Perrelet gained such popularity among the Swiss people? Why he? Let’s study the story of Perellet and find out what so special he did.

In 18-th century the Swiss horology was in a real mess so that you can’t even compare it with what it is nowadays. There wasn’t even any tooling for making watches. And to make his first and the best watch Perellet concentrated all his skill on making tools. And a bit later, after days of a constant work, he made instruments that presently play very important role in watchmaking. Some of them were spool, calendar and the crab claw wheel. So as soon as he got all the necessary things he began creating timepieces on his own.

Perellet is most prestigious watch producing companies in the world. And also this is a man who is considered to be the creator of the first automatic watch. This belief is backed almost by the every self-respecting watchmaking company on the Earth. For the second time the company emerged on the world watch market in 1995 and for a very short time managed to earn a great reputation among true watchlovers. And even then, in so to say distant 1995, a new movement presented by the company gained “Year best Movement” award.