Omega had released the first of its kind watch made from a liquid metal alloy

In the world of nowadays’ watchmaking when some brand uses new material for making of its offsprings it’s for sure becomes a trend afterwards. The only question is who will be the first to do that. And this line of modern materials includes liquid metal alloy which is being very important at the moment. This kind of metal is a metal material with a chaotic and amorphous atomic structure, the melting temperature of it is twice as little that of the usual titanium alloy. But when it cools it becomes much harder than stainless steel. The non-crystalline structure of that metal allows its cutless attaching to the ceramic bezel. The alloy compositing involves five main compounds and they are zirconium, titanium, copper, nickel and beryllium. Because of its low speed of refrigeration a thick metal glass can easily be changed into a structure with the thickness of 1/10 millimeter. The main compound of the ceramic material and liquid metal alloy, zirconium, made of zirconium dioxide. And due to the stiffness of them, anticorrosion properties as well as a scrub resistance are promised for the bezel of this timepiece.

And the first of its kind watch that represents a mixture of these two materials, ceramics and liquid metal, is new specimen of a watch made by company and most famous watch manufacturer, Omega. A name of the new watch is not so short, but all the firmness and exquisite grace that the watch holds in itself are well represented – Seamaster Planet Ocean Liquidmetal Limited Edition.

To tell you the truth, earlier Swatch company researchers made a peculiar ceramic bezel which manages to suppress such a strong pressures and be very handy for divers. Numbers and scaling of the bezel were made of liquid metal with the help of Omega development staff. The background of their creation was black, but the whole detail looked more silvery. And the very that thing made it look so elegant. The color of a ceramic deal is perfectly combines with the color of the bezel. The 42 mm case of the watch is trimmed with speckles of stainless steel. To make watch look even much better the bracelet is also produced from the same material as the whole body of the watch. All the hour indexes along with hour hands, shaped like arrow tips, are superluminiscent. It will be far easier to read the time under reduced light conditions or even without any light at all. The dial of the watch is sheltered by the thick bowed sapphire crystal glass with anti-reflection coating on the both sides of it. Omega Co-Axial calibre 2500 built in the watch gets you 42 hours of a constant power margin. And on the top of all that the watch has an unbelievable water resistance with the depth limitation of 600 meters which is about 2000 ft.