Glycine Airman 9 is to among the first to put forth ETA 7754 watch movement

The question gnaws us, what was the first watch to use ETA 7754 movement, and Glycine brand seemed to get ahead with that. ETA 7754 is a refined variation of 7750 movement and it has twenty-four hours indicator wagging on the pinion in the centre. The thing in which these two movements vary is that the new and refined model has a function of indication second time zone with the help of center pinion. Also a big advantage the new movement has is that the center pinion isn’t pegged to the chief hour hand.

The stamp on its back looks very pretty and completes the design, showing us the bare movement and sapphire display around it:

The watch is sold in Blu, two types of Black (Black and Silver sub-dial, Black and red subdial; all of them are at 6 o’clock) and in White colors. It’s interesting that hour sub-dial has symbols showing 24-hours system and not am-pm one. As far as we concerned, not so many other watches have that kind of thing. The watch is available at the price of $3,600 American dollars.

Look for more details on this timepiece at the official site of Glycine brand.